Meet Kim

“When people experience a crisis, a health diagnosis or find themselves at a crossroads, it can sometimes be very problematic to maneuver the changes ahead”, says Kim.

Kim knows firsthand how difficult change can be.  In 2007, Kim was at the top of her game.  She had a booming real estate business, owned 3 homes and enjoyed all the fine things in life, when suddenly, the financial crisis began to emerge and her life came crashing down in the wake of the economic downturn.  By 2010, she had lost everything; her marriage, her homes, her car and her savings account just shy of 6 figures. She did come out of the misfortune with her beautiful, healthy children and the clothes in her closet, but she was left with a medical diagnosis of depression, anxiety, sporadic panic attacks and a battered spirit.

Kim traversed tentatively through life for the next few years.  Her embedded thoughts of failure, loss, low self-esteem and shame from the past had increased and were exacerbated by her recent memories.  Luckily, things began to change when a friend told her about a book study.  The book was about the brain and meditation and the tools on how to regain health, happiness, abundance and control over your life by working on yourself from the inside-out.  The book was titled, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by neuroscientist, author and world renowned speaker, Dr. Joe Dispenza.  Within 6-8 weeks of doing the work and activities, Kim’s life began to change significantly.  She began to feel whole again.  Her depression and anxiety went away.  Her panic attacks disappeared.  She began to feel different on the inside.  She no longer felt like a failure and she began to see true, changes in the way that she showed up in her life.  Abundance began to show up in her work life and she was filled with incredible hope and sheer excitement about the future. Kim decided that the world needed to know about it and she was going to share the knowledge.

Kim stayed committed to her self-work, became passionate about the cutting-edge field of neuroscience and its proven concepts of neuroplasticity and she began to map out her future so that she could share and help catapult others to do the same.

In 2016, she became certified by Dr. Joe Dispenza and executive trainer, Beth Wolfson, as a Neurochangesolutions Trainer.  Kim delivers the merits and tools of neuroscience and it’s transforming body of work to individuals, organizations and companies of all types.  In January of 2017 she graduated from the esteemed, McLean Meditation Institute owned and facilitated by author and speaker, Sarah McLean.  Kim is thrilled to bring mindfulness to the workplace and into the lives of many people who need its benefits.neurochanges png

Kim believes in the Mind/Body connection and will be complementing her mindfulness and neuroscience business with ph360, the world’s most advanced personal health platform based on Science and Medicine.  Her goal is to help others create a life by design from the inside-out. Kim is presently getting knowledge to become a coach at ph360; she will graduate in June 2017.

Work With Kim

Neurochanges offers a variety of solutions and resources for your benefit.

Meditation is most commonly used, or practiced, to relieve stress and anxiety. Worries about money, career, parenting and possibly health issues are a reality for many people; people become anxious and stressed about these aspects of life and look for a solution.

Some are stressed to the point of self-medicating, with alcohol or pills. Others are caught in a punishing loop of self-doubt turning into self-perfectionism.

Everyone is looking for an easier, healthier, stress-free way of calming things down – within themselves, and in the larger sphere of their everyday lives.

One first step for many people is to try some form of basic meditation.